15+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, Communications, IT, Product Management and Journalism.

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About me

Hi, I’m David Atías

I’m a globetrotter Venezuelan journalist, activist, and entrepreneur. My work revolves around how the open internet and decentralized technologies can contribute to a fairer and more meaningful world in the midst of the digital revolution.

I’m a frequent tech contributor to top TV and radio shows in Venezuela and the United States. In addition, every week in my podcast, I try to simplify and convert complex technological implications into plain language. My mission is to make more people understand and participate in deep societal discussions about privacy, big tech, AI, and freedom of speech.

Along with my work as a journalist, I’ve built a career around Growth Marketing and Product Management. During these years, I have assisted over 20 companies in Latin America, Europe, and the United States. I have spent the last five years working full-time on Fintech and Crypto projects. You can check my LinkedIn profile for a detailed description of my previous ventures and jobs.

I have embraced a location-independence paradigm and shaped my life in accordance. That journey had been fun and have brought me to live and work in six different countries. Recently, during my stay in Sweden, I got an MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Lund University and received an award at the Skåne’s Future Innovation Prize 2021 contest.

With that said, welcome to my blog! If you find value in the contents available here, I’d love to connect with you –a like, comment, following request, or random email is always welcome and appreciated.